The Dos and Don’ts of Job-Postings for Hiring Managers and Job-Seekers

There’s a lot that goes into a good job posting, but today I want to focus on two big problems — one for hiring managers and one for job-seekers — and how to fix them.

For hiring managers

What makes a good job posting and description? For the hiring manager, a job posting needs to be written clearly, concisely, and to the point.

I see too many job descriptions listed with 1,000 bullet points outlining every piece of technology they’ve ever considered using on the job. For those counting at home, that’s too many.

Trim your lists. I want to see the technologies the candidate is going to start using day one.

Don’t get me wrong. You do need a look-ahead — something that previews what’s going to happen down the road. But don’t smash all of that into the job description.

You need to look at your job posting as something that represents your brand. If I look at your job description and it’s not written clearly, concisely, short, and to the point, I’m moving on.

The simple fix? Hire a copywriter who has a strong command of voice to make your job description pop. It’s becoming more and more common in an online ecosystem where job descriptions scream brand statements.

For job-seekers

PSA: Do not submit applications.

Seriously. Don’t.

What should you do instead? Two things. First, read my guide on How Social Media Can Land You Your Dream Job.

Then, do your research, find the jobs you want to apply for, then reach out to your recruiting vendor to represent you.

But if you do want to go the resume-submitting route, don’t be scared of submitting your resume based on the job description.

When I talk to hiring managers, most of them only expect candidates to haave a minimum of 50% of listed qualifications.

I know that sounds crazy, but trust me. That’s how it works. Don’t self-reject yourself for a job that you want.



Sr. Recruiter Advocate at Vaco in Nashville, TN

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